Richard Pedranti Architect

Design Philosophy

Working With Us
At Richard Pedranti Architect we listen. Our work is driven by a comprehensive understanding of our client’s goals, budget, and schedule. RPA is a service oriented practice that places a high value on delivering projects that exceed our client’s expectations. We aggressively pursue open communication and pride ourselves on successful buildings and delighted clients.


Design Philosophy

Genius Loci
Our design approach is based on combining a deep appreciation for the natural environment and a dedication to simple, functional, open designed space. The exploration of this mutually interdependent relationship dictates the creation of architecture that has a unique unity of climate and form. By responding to the particular qualities of each site, each project belongs to its place.

“Conservation means the wise use of the earth and its resources for the lasting good of men.” - Gifford Pinchot, father of the American Conservation movement and native of Milford, PA. Richard Pedranti Architect is committed to leadership in sustainable building practices. By incorporating Energy Performance Standards such as Passive House, we develop timeless architecture that is cost effective for our clients and beneficial to the environment. Energy conservation is at the core of our sustainable practices and is the most economical method for maintaining our high standard of environmental stewardship.

By leveraging design tools such as building information modeling (BIM), we are able to explore the possibilities of each project with our clients in a vivid virtual experience before construction begins. Working in this way allows us to test ideas throughout the design process ensuring that the project is executed to its full potential.

Team Approach
The best projects have the best teams. We subscribe to a team approach where clients, architects, engineers, consultants, and contractors collaborate to achieve a result that is greater than the sum of its parts. We have built strong relationships with our partners and place a high value on coordination across disciplines and transparent communication with our team members.